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DirectNEWS is a quarterly publication designed especially for retirement plan participants. The newsletters contain articles on various retirement and investment topics to help educate and assist participants in managing their retirement accounts.
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DirectNEWS - Summer 2018

Mistakes to Sidestep
If your investments aren't performing as you anticipated, is it because the markets aren't doing well or because you are undermining your own progress? Many aspects of investment performance are outside of your control, but you can do something about avoiding mistakes with your portfolio...

Losing Your Focus

It's easy to react emotionally when hearing news of daily market returns. But if you're investing for the long term, focusing on the market's ups and downs in the short term can lead you astray...

Losing Your Balance
Diversification*, or spreading your portfolio among different investments, can help you manage risk. But it's important to find the right balance that is suitable for your time frame and risk tolerance...

Looking To Retire Soon? Consider a USIAnnuity

Will Your Retirement Income Last?
People today are living longer than previous generations, and retirement for many people may last 25 to 30 years, or even longer. It is important that participants like you formulate strategies for accumulating sufficient
retirement savings during your working years and for managing that savings to last throughout your retirement years...

A Secure Investment in Your Future
Participation in this program allows you to receive a personalized retirement strategy. This includes a retirement income needs assessment, recommended lifetime expense estimates and development of a retirement income plan with a suggested guaranteed lifetime income solution to meet your retirement needs...

Convenient and Easy
The program provides a rollover solution to help you determine your retirement income needs and choose a suitable option. What makes this unique is the seamless conversion of your account from your current retirement plan to your retirement income solution...


DirectNEWS - Spring 2018

Excuses, Excuses
It can be difficult to save for a goal that seems far off in the future, such as retirement. For now, you may have a hundred reasons why retirement isn’t a financial priority...

Too Many Other Things

There are always going to be other things to save for and spend money on. Paying off student loans, a down payment on a home, summer camp for the kids, college tuition...

What’s the Hurry?
You might think you have plenty of time to concentrate on your retirement savings. But by not saving early, you have less time to potentially benefit from compounding...

Who Will Come to Your Retirement Rescue?
Don't expect a knight in shining armor. Preparing for a financially secure future is up to you. Starting early and recognizing the pitfalls may help you avoid a shortfall.

Invest, Invest, Invest
Estimating retirement expenses isn't always easy. Some costs -- like housing and food -- may be relatively constant. But other costs such as health care, may be unpredictable. People often underestimate the amount of money they'll spend in retirement...

Ask for Help
Managing retirement investments requires knowledge and confidence that you may not have. Asking your family members or friends for advice may not be the best approach...


DirectNEWS - Winter 2018

Promises To Keep ó Financial Resolutions for the New Year
Every new year holds out the promise of new possibilities. Thatís why now is a good time to examine your financial situation and make sure youíre on track to a comfortable retirement...

I Will Understand My Plan

Learn as much as you can about your employerís retirement plan so you can make the most out of this opportunity to save and invest for your retirement...

I Will Contribute More to My Retirement Plan
The more money you put into your plan, the bigger your potential nest egg. Adding an extra $10 or $20 per paycheck could make a big difference over the long term...

SECURITY: Keeping Your Guard Up
Identity theft is becoming more frequent and can have damaging long-term consequences. Here are some strategies for guarding your private information, online and in the material world.

Donít Reveal Personal Information
Think twice before providing your name, address, and phone number when you visit a website...

Store Your Passwords in a Secure Place
Donít leave your usernames and passwords taped to your computer or on your desk for anyone to see. Keep them in a secure location to avoid the possibility that someone could obtain this information.


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