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DirectNEWS is a quarterly publication designed especially for retirement plan participants. The newsletters contain articles on various retirement and investment topics to help educate and assist participants in managing their retirement accounts.
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DirectNEWS - Winter 2018

Promises To Keep ó Financial Resolutions for the New Year
Every new year holds out the promise of new possibilities. Thatís why now is a good time to examine your financial situation and make sure youíre on track to a comfortable retirement...

I Will Understand My Plan

Learn as much as you can about your employerís retirement plan so you can make the most out of this opportunity to save and invest for your retirement...

I Will Contribute More to My Retirement Plan
The more money you put into your plan, the bigger your potential nest egg. Adding an extra $10 or $20 per paycheck could make a big difference over the long term...

SECURITY: Keeping Your Guard Up
Identity theft is becoming more frequent and can have damaging long-term consequences. Here are some strategies for guarding your private information, online and in the material world.

Donít Reveal Personal Information
Think twice before providing your name, address, and phone number when you visit a website...

Store Your Passwords in a Secure Place
Donít leave your usernames and passwords taped to your computer or on your desk for anyone to see. Keep them in a secure location to avoid the possibility that someone could obtain this information.


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