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DirectNEWS is a quarterly publication designed especially for retirement plan participants. The newsletters contain articles on various retirement and investment topics to help educate and assist participants in managing their retirement accounts.
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DirectNEWS - Winter 2017

Stick to the Facts
How do you know if the time is right to change your retirement investments? How do you know if the time is right to change your retirement investments? Itís a challenging question that all investors face. Figuring out the answer will be easier if you remember one important thing: Look at the facts...

Review Often

Participating in your retirement plan is a long-term opportunity. To make the most of it, you should review your investments on a regular basis (at least annually) by checking the facts and making changes when necessary...

Are You Really Ready to Retire?

You may like the idea of retiring. The thought of sleeping in and being able to do what you want, whenever you want, is quite appealing. But the reality of retirement may be quite different than you imagine. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you stop working...

Have I accumulated enough money in my retirement accounts?
A financial professional can help you determine if your sources of retirement income will cover your expenses during retirement...

How will I spend my time during retirement?
This next phase of life could last for many years. Staying active and involved may help you feel happy and healthy...

What do I need to know about Social Security and Medicare?
Social Security likely will be just one of your sources of retirement income and Medicare will help cover some of your health care expenses during retirement...


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